About Us

About Us

Our home is running out of time. Together, we can turn things around.

Plastic today is almost unavoidable. Almost everything we use is available in plastic form. This is because plastic is cheap and businesses mainly focus on their bottom line. It does not have to be this way though. We have the power in our hands. All we need to do is be conscious about what products we consume.

At PamPro, we strive to create awareness, encourage everyone to live a life in a way that is sustainable for the earth and influence others to follow in your footsteps. We strongly believe in contributing towards maintaining the natural ecological balance of the environment and preserving the planet, its natural systems and resources. By doing so, PamPro guarantees a home for future generations.

Our Vision

To transform Ghana into a role-model of sustainable living for the entire African continent.

Our Mission

PamPro aims to educate the Ghanaian people on the impact of the purchase decisions they make and provide them with low-impact alternatives to environmentally harmful materials such as single use plastics and packaging, with a focus on bamboo, cornstarch and plant fibers.

We proactively encourage all Ghanaians to become PamPro Ambassadors and take the lead, to make positive and lasting changes in the way they consume their products and to encourage all people around them to follow their example.

5 Reasons to choose Pampro

We are Ghanaians and we love our beautiful country and its people.
We have thousands of satisfied customers.
We care about your health and we care about our home.
We provide top-quality and responsibly sourced products at affordable prices.
We plant trees for every product sold and thus help reinstate the ecological balance of our planet.

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