Bagasse Products

Serve your delicious meals on our stylish tableware. Made from reclaimed sugarcane, bagasse is a stylish eco alternative suitable for hot and cold food. Natural fibres provide an economic and sturdy tableware that is more rigid than paper plates, and can take hot, wet or oily foods.

For every product you purchase, you help us planting trees. Let's build an entire forest together.

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Bagasse is the dry pulpy fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice. It is used as a biofuel for the production of heat, energy, and electricity, and in the manufacture of pulp and building materials and disposable tableware. The paper industry has also started to replace wood fibers with sugarcane fibers to produce napkins, toilet paper, and cardboard.

How sustainable is bagasse?

Sugarcane as a source is a very fast renewable resource for which no trees have to be cut down. As such, bagasse is readily available as a by-product of sugar production, does not require additional cultivation areas and has no impact on the area of forests. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper production because the bagasse paper production wastes much less energy than wood paper production.

What makes bagasse a great alternative to plastic?

  • No need to cut trees - Sugarcane is a type of grass
  • Made from natural fiber without added chemicals - Use of sugarcane is good for the planet.
  • Environmentally sustainable - Bagasse is an excellent alternative to traditional plastic, paper, and styrofoam products
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable - Contrary to plastic that does not go away
  • Quick harvest rate - 1 year compared to 25 years for fir trees
  • Wide scope of use - Can be used with hot and cold foods
  • Strength & Resilience - Superior strength won't make bagasse break or crack under moderate pressure
  • Heat & cold resistance - Up to 100 degrees Celsius in hot water and 120 degrees Celcius in hot oil
  • Microwave & refrigerator safe - Plates, cups & bowls are perfect for hot-or-cold-to-go applications
The rate of decomposition depends on the composting conditions such as temperature, turnover rate, moisture etc. Just like other compostable material, products will biodegrade much faster when they are broken into smaller pieces.
Bagasse tableware will biodegrade at the same rate as garden waste in a home composting system, which can be between approximately 60 and 90 days. Bagasse will, however, degrade fastest in a commercial composting facility