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Brighten your smile while saving the planet with our bamboo toothbrush!
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. This makes it a viable substitute for timber and tropical hardwoods. Bamboo grows at an incredibly fast rate, some species grow up to one and a half meters a day, and can be harvested in 3-5 years. Bamboo also requires no fertiliser to grow or chemicals to produce it. All these factors make it a sustainable renewable resource.

For every product you purchase, you help us planting trees. Let's build an entire forest together.

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The origin of the word Bamboo comes from the Malay word "Mambu". Bamboo belongs to the Bambusoideae subfamily of the perennial evergreen grass family Poaceae (Gramineae). Of all grasses, bamboo is the largest and the only one that can diversify into forest. Although bamboo is a grass, many of the larger woody bamboo species are very tree-like in appearance and are often called "bamboo trees". Bamboo has always been regarded as sacred, symbolizing grace, strength, flexibility, endurance and longevity.

How sustainable is bamboo?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet which makes it a viable substitute for timber and tropical hardwoods. Bamboo grows at 2 inches an hour. Some species grow one and a half meters a day. It is in other words a very fast renewable resource for which no trees have to be cut down and no chemicals are added to produce it. bamboo can be harvested in 3-5 years versus 10-20 years for most softwoods. It requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted.

How sustainable is bamboo?

  • No need to cut trees - Bamboo is a grass
  • Natural product - Use of bamboo is good for the planet.
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable - Contrary to plastic that does not go away.
  • Affordability - In many cases more affordable than wood.
  • Flexibility, Strength & Resilience - High resistance threshold to tension offers wide scope of applications.
  • Lightness - No need for heavy machinery and easy to transport.
  • Quick harvest rate - 3-6 years compared to 25 years for fir trees.
  • No need to replant - Shoots appear at base of stalks.
  • No need for fertilizers and pesticides - Bamboo thrives with little support and much less water than other crops.
  • Effective in erosion control - Bamboo stabilizes surrounding soil and helps other plants maintain their growth.
How quickly bamboo biodegrades depends on whether it happens in or on the soil and under warm, wet, dry or cold conditions. If you just throw a bamboo toothbrush into your garden, it might take as long as 5-10 years to fully break down. Buried horizontally in the soil, it will take around 3 years and using a home composter it should take around 4-6 months. Breaking the toothbrush down into small pieces with a hammer or saw will speed up the process. The fastest way to break down bamboo is inside an industrial composter. As they are much hotter and more active than any home composter, bamboo will decompose in a matter of weeks.