Every single plastic toothbrush ever produced, still exists. Billions are thrown into landfills and a big part ends up in the oceans. This has devastating impact on our environment and ultimately on our health too.

Bamboo is better than plastic

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It grows up to a meter a day without the need for fertiliser, making it highly sustainable, safe and eco-friendly.

  • Bamboo is fully biodegradable compared to plastics which can take up to 400 years to decompose.

  • Bamboo is a grass, so no trees need to be cut compared to plastic which is made from non renewable oil.

  • Bamboo positively influences our fauna and flora while plastic threatens wildlife and sea life.

  • Bamboo is highly sustainable and safe to use compared to plastic that can leech toxic microplastics

Bamboo is sustainable

Our products are sustainably sourced and made from Moso bamboo. Moso bamboo can reach complete growth in both height and diameter within only 35 - 40 days after shoot emergence.

Bamboo keeps us and our planet safe

We can't emphasize enough that bamboo is a grass thus, we save on cutting trees.

Aside from producing more oxygen for us to breathe, it helps reduce erosion and pollution in our water ways - keeping us and other animals safe.

We just love pandas

Moso bamboo is dubbed “panda-friendly” because pandas do not eat it or inhabit the area where it grows. In other words, the type of bamboo we are using grows on high places which is beyond any Pandas reach.

Don’t worry, we made sure not to touch the abundant source of food of the panda.

Saying No to Plastic is saying YES
to our health and our planet

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